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 Manami Neşe Mariko Nicole

  Canada 25 April 2010 - friends

  2009 Odessa Festival- With Friends

 New Dancers Feride, Hülya

 Babazula, Damar Golle, Misket Bar

Prenses BANU - Sema YILDIZ

Nesrin Topkapi-Ülkü Klein
Nesrin TOPKAPI - Sema - Ülkü KLEIN

Didem - Sema - Özlem

Sema - Didem

 Nergiz - Sema - Gülnihal

 Saffet - Zinnur KARACA (Duet Gypsy Choreography)

 Sema - Dersa


Sema & Friends,
Hale, Banu-Neşe and Özgen


2.08.2007 World Virtioso Flutist Viviana Guzman

Neşe, Viviana, Sema





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  • An Eva Cernik Production

    This is unusual videotape, which was designed with the true aficionado of Turkish Cabaret in mind. Sema is a beautiful dancer who utilizes many of the steps and arm postures and a few of the gestures predominant in Turkish Rromani dance, especially pelvic tilts and thrusts that are her trademark. You won't believe what she can do with her fanny; it's absolutely fascinating. The first four sets are all on stage live to a well-known recording of the old classic Aziza. These sets comprise the first 40 or so minutes of the video.

    1. In all four of these sets Sema wears a similar costume. In this set she wears a very light colored skirt, the material of which is rather stiff and tucked into her belt to create large hip flounces, accentuating her large pelvic movements. A smallish beaded bra, beaded and fringed belt, opera gloves and a veil accompany this. These sets are difficult to see as far as video quality goes, but viewing improves with each successive set. Sema begins with a standard veil entrance but quickly transitions into more aggressive dancing. She does some excellent floorwork during the oud taxim and wait till you see those famous fanny tilts executed during her floorwork! Don't try this at home boys and girls; remember she is a professional.

    2. This set is slightly easier to see but edited to the oud taxim and don't forget it's Aziza again. As you can tell from viewing this second set that Sema doesn't rely on strict choreography, although certain movements in the music evoke certain dance moves in response. She does one skirt trick here that I just love. Somehow she kick her skirt up and over one arm which I find very flirtatious, not to mention acrobatic.

    3. Aziza again, this time Sema is wearing a silver and white costume with a veil attached to a crown like headpiece. Both of which she removes after a standard Turkish Cabaret entrance. The video quality is improving and the only thing which I feel is missing is ziling

    4. This is the last Aziza set and Sema is wearing a nice bright red costume, including the crown/veil. This is by far the easiest to see, but I'm very hard pressed to pick a favorite from among these four. Although danced to the same music each set is unique and indicative of good Turkish Cabaret style dance.

    5. This set is my favorite on the entire tape because here Sema really cuts loose with some rollicking good Turkish Rromani style dance, and finally some ziling. This is Tzigane dance, danced to Tzigane music and it's what I live for. Sema is performing in front of a really tight and smoking, live band, with whom she easily interacts. Her costume is a sexy bright red fringed skirt and matching bra and belt which reminds me of something Tulay Karaca would wear. No stage here, Sema is right in front of her audience which at first appears to be comprised of children, but eventually the camera pans back and we can see how much the adults are enjoying this beautiful dancer with the irresistible personality and unstoppable hips. I just wish the videographer understood that Sema's dancing needs no special effects.

    6. This is the last set on the video and the most intimate. Eva may well have filmed this herself, in what might appear to be Sema's living room. Sema performs an entire set in full costume for the camera and the small audience on the couch. Here we finally get a close view of Sema's hip and floorwork. Well not as close as the lucky group on the couch. I enjoyed this video and now that I am familiar with her work, I long to go to Turkey to study with this exciting and proficient dancer.

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